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Talc / soapstone

Talc Powder provided by us is widely used in the global market as it is considered to be an ideal raw material for the manufacturing of PP, LD, HDPE compounding, paints, paper, rubber, medicines, PVC, cosmetic, baby talc etc. Moreover, customers are facilitated with the availability of the excellent quality talc powder in different grades ranging from 300 mesh to 700 mesh and the brightness varies from 70% to 98%. Customers are also facilitated with the easy availability of the Wholesale Talcum Powder at the most beneficial deals.


The paper industry is the largest consumer of Talc and generally uses 300 Mesh (53µ) with the range of brightness varying between 80% to 96%. Talc is used in three stages of paper making:

As a filler to give smoothness, porosity and opacity to paper in addition to reducing the cost. These micro impurities can clog the paper machinery. Talc being hydrophobic absorbs these micro droplets or if the droplets are big then talc lamellae stick to their surface thus controlling their stickiness.

In coating formulation, because of its platy ness and high brightness, talc leads to reduction in usage of expensive whitening and helps in controlling gloss of the coat. Talc also provides smoothness to the surface and imparts opacity to the coat. Additionally talc reduces the friction on paper manufacturing machinery thus reducing wear.

Ashirwad Minerals provides Talc Powder for Paper Industry, It is one of the leading Supplier of Talc for Paper, Talc Powder used in various industries such as food, paint, paper and so on.


With the plastic industry on a fast growth-track, the usage of talc is growing fast in PP, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, ABS & Thermosetting Compounds. Talc is having a huge demand as a filler due to its following properties:

  • Platy in nature
  • Excellent blending characteristics with oleoresinous materials.
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Superior electrical resistance
  • Chemically inert
  • Smooth greasy feel
  • Improves Chemical & Heat Resistance.
  • Improves impact absorbing strength.
  • Gives dimensional stability.
  • Improves stiffness, hardness, tensile strength.

The Plastic Industry uses Talc of 20µ to 1µ particle size. We provides variety range of Talc Powder for Plastic Industry.


The natural qualities of talc gives cosmetics stability, texture, skin adhesion, slip and water resistance. Talc is pure, odorless and free from impurities. Talc is not only used in Body Talc (Talcum Powder) and Toilet Soaps, but also in Detergents and Washing Powder.

Soaps & Cosmetics In body talc, it acts as a perfume carrier due to its chemical inertness and lamellar structure. At Ashirwad minerals, supplies to body talc manufacturers are also sterilized remove any microbiological contamination.

In soaps, talc is mainly used as a filler. The consumption of talc in Soap, varies between 5 to 40% depending on the quality and type of soap. It also acts as a binding agent and gives hardness to the cake. If you finding for Talc Powder for Cosmetic Industry, feel free to contact us.


Owing to its low cost and platy structure, Talc Powder for Paint Industry is widely used, particularly in marine paints and protective coatings.  We have Mineral Extenders for Paint Industries for increase durability of talc powder.

Benefits include:

  • Improves durability of Paint
  • Improves rust inhibitive properties & corrosion resistance
  • Improves stability of emulsion paints
  • Prevents enamel from running
  • In traffic paints for better abrasion resistance
  • Improves stain resistance in Paint
  • Enhancement of smoothness at the time of application

Ashirwad Minerals is leading Supplier of Talc Powder in India and Manufacturer of Talc in India.  Udaipur we are one of the prominent Talc Powder Exporter in India. If you are looking for Talc Powder Supplier in India then you are at right place, visit our website and you can also call us at +91-9928364194.

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